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Ebony Reads Teenagers and Kids Section
This section is dedicated to Teenagers and kids. Here we will be highlighting books targetted at this age range.

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Author Veronique Tadjo tells ER teens why she thinks literature is important

It is essential for children to immerse themselves in literature because they can get so much out of it. Virtually any subject under the sun has been dealt with in books. They can dream, learn, trigger their imagination, and keep themselves entertained. Children who like reading will never get bored. They will always be able to find books that suit their moods of the moment. They will expand their mind; open up to the world around them.

Olams asks: What tips would you give to teenagers who want to publish their work?

I would say the main thing is to have endurance and determination. It is a very hard job, demanding and solitary. There are lots of ups and downs. So if you want to be a writer youíll have to exercise your will to keep at it. The hardest thing is to learn to cope with rejection. Any writer, or any artist for that matter, will confirm this. If you are a softy, donít take this path. The myth of the writer who produces best sellers effortlessly is a scam. Grappling with words and finding your own voice can be painful especially when you are young and you have the feeling that life is going on outside and friends are calling you to join them. Somehow, you have to believe in yourself without being over confident. You have to be an observer and you need a good ear to catch the way people talk. You have to develop your ability to enter people’s mind.

Need Inspiration? - Teenage Novelists

Vanessa Walters - Published her first novel ‘Rude Girls’ while she was still in secondary school.
Bidisha - Wrote her debut novel ‘Seahorses’ at 16.
Helen Oyeyemi - ‘The Icarus Girl‘ will be published next year. She wrote the novel while in the sixth form.

An Idea For Historical Fiction

A good subject for literature - Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay.

Anyone interested in writing historical fiction can find plenty to write about if they consult archives, old records and history books. Reading between the lines, one can reinterpret certain issues or re-imagine a whole life. One character is Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay.


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